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Welcome to the Supa-Cup TetriNET Tournaments page!!!

Hopefully you enjoy our website and you happily take part in the tournaments.
Supa-Cup tournaments are organized by Ishi, psy-fi and Teemu and take place on the server
Tournaments are divided into two parts. First there are group rounds where you have to play some best of five games. The best players of those groups qualify for the second part, the final rounds, where you have to play best of nine games. If there are enough players taking part also prize money (Tetridome credits) will be given.

You can find the organizers on the server in case you have any questions. If you do not find them there do not hesitate to use the contact form and you will get answers to your questions/suggestions as soon as possible.

Sounds quite okay, but what is TetriNET at all?
For certain you know Tetris. TetriNET is the same game. The main differences are that you play it on servers, that you can play against up to five opponents at the same time and that there can be, depending on the mode you play, special blocks for attacking opponents.
For more information about TetriNET you can visit one of the server pages you can find at the "Links". There you will find possibilities to download the client and further introductions as well.

bandidu won Supa-Cup 1on1 pure!2007 read(s)
newbie won Supa-Cup 1on1 pure!2060 read(s)
jennifer04102 won Supa-Cup 1on1 fastpure!2525 read(s)
J.E.L.L.O. won Supa-Cup 1on1 pure!2098 read(s)
Net_Hunter won Supa-Cup 1on1 fastpure!2171 read(s)
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